7 ways to make a side income using your Camera during this Pandemic. Leave a comment

With the increase in Covid-19 infections and the far-reaching lockdown measures, no job is guaranteed. Employees are being laid down, companies are going bankrupt and collapsing, and other small businesses are closing down temporarily to wait out this pandemic. 

This has left many people without a source of income and many more are being added to that list daily. There is helplessness and despair in the air. 

What if I told you there is a way to earn a side income in these unprecedented times? All by using your Camera?

Photography is a very crowded space, with tons of photographers offering their services for every single genre and price range. However, with the right amount of dedication and creativity, there’s no doubt that you can make a living – at least a modest one, at the start. Today the internet is on your side. You can make a stunning photography portfolio and share it online, therefore, getting clients. It doesn’t get easier than that.

7 proven ways to make money from photography

  1. Photograph small businesses

Small businesses need photos for their websites and social media activities. We live in a visual world where photos and videos are key for any business to survive. Some don’t even think they need the photos, but trust me they do need them. 

How do you find them? First and foremost, in real life. Take a walk around your neighborhood and speak to business owners in an informal way about what you do, and how you can help them attract more clients with stunning photos. Bring a tablet, a phone, or a computer to show your online portfolio, as some people want to see visuals rather than explanations. You can also find them on social media.

  1. Sell your photos on stock websites

If you have a sizeable portfolio of images, you should consider selling them on stock sites. These platforms gather millions of pictures and videos and sell them to businesses, marketing agencies, and media. In return, the photographers receive a commission every time their work is downloaded.  Shutterstock, istock, and Bigstock are some of the most popular stock image sites.

Pro-TipThe quality of the shot, a file uploaded in extra high resolution (since it can be used in a lot of different formats), and a subject everyone can relate to, make a winning stock image.

  1. Shoot portraits

In an ideal world, you would have your own studio to shoot portraits. Fortunately, you can survive just fine without one. Many clients like outdoor or location shoots, so you’ll find many opportunities even if you are a freelancer. Try to be creative and don’t only offer the classic ‘passport’ pictures. People want beautiful images of themselves to put on their websites, their LinkedIn, and – why not – even their Tinder profile.

  1. Shoot events

Event shoots are one of the most classic ways to make money as a photographer. Weddings, birthdays, company events, baby showers, engagements, ‘ruracios’… You have plenty of opportunities. It’s physical and can be exhausting, but there’s good money to be made. The amount you can charge mostly depends on your reputation, the moment of the year, and the location. When quoting your clients, don’t forget to take into account the hours of pre and post-production – not only the action time. Again you can find such clients on the internet. Through social media and through google searches.

  1. Edit and retouch

From a model who wants to remove those slight imperfections to a hotel owner who needs their resort to look a little sunnier, many people would pay to get their photos retouched. Just by taking a  small online photoshop class( many of them are free on youtube), you can perfect your skill as an editor and retoucher. This is an open door for you to make some extra money. You can easily work from home, at any moment of the day (or night), making it a perfect side-activity for a photographer.

  1. Family Portraits

A good family portrait is something that could be hanging on someone’s wall for years or decades to come. Family portraits are another type of shoot that you can schedule as time allows, and can also gain new opportunities through word of mouth from happy clients. In addition to making money for your fee to capture the photos, family sessions have the potential to yield a large print sale for the many clients who want to see the smiling faces of their loved ones hanging on the walls of their homes.

  1. Real Estate

For many, real estate photos are overlooked as a possible option to make a side income. Many real estate agents and agencies are looking for photos. 

Pro-TipDid someone just say AirBnb? More and more individuals rent their apartments for short periods. They desperately need beautiful shots of their interiors.


Making money from your Camera can be so easy if you are willing to put your head and time into it. Think out of the box: you’d be surprised to see how many people actually need the help of a good photographer like you.

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